Dr. Stephanie Dykema


I recognize that it often takes immense courage to seek help and acknowledge that life isn’t going how you hoped it would be. As your therapist, I aim to help you to understand and navigate the roadblocks preventing you from pursuing the life and relationships you seek.  To do this, we will explore your current and past experiences and how messages from society, relationships, and childhood impact you. Rather than living your life according to these negative experiences, or having your day dictacted by anxiety or depression, I desire to help you live your life according to your values –  to what matters to you most. 

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In therapy I use compassion, openness, and gentle challenges to help you make progress towards your goals. I am a relational and multicultural therapist, which means I focus on relationship patterns that may be keeping you stuck and the impact of gender, race, and sexual orientation (among many other identities) on our lives, mental health, and relationships. I also integrate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Mindfulness to increase coping with symptoms and emotions.

I specialize in  helping college students, young adults, and adults experiencing difficulties with self-care, negative relationship patterns, low self-esteem, identity confusion/exploration, and adjustment to various life changes. Overall, I consider it an honor to collaborate with my clients in their unique journey towards wellness.



Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, 2017, The University of Akron

M.Ed., Psychological Counseling, 2012, Teachers College Columbia University

B.A., Psychology and Women’s Studies, 2010, Hope College



Licensed Clinical Psychologist, State of Illinois, License Number 071.009897



I have extensive experience working with undergraduate and graduate students as they navigate school, relationships, and mood disorders. I have also provided individual therapy, group therapy, and assessments with young adults and adults in community mental health agencies and inpatient and outpatient psychiatric hospitals. Throughout these experiences I have worked with a wide range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship struggles, sexual assault, life transitions, and identity exploration. I am trained in and work with evidence-based therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Mindfulness.

I was a Psychology Intern at Texas Woman’s University Counseling and Psychological Services, where I received specialized training in women’s mental health, multicultural counseling, and diverse identities. I completed my Postdoctoral Fellowship focused on international students and the LGBTQIA community at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Counseling Services.



Direct phone number: 630-635-6166

Email: stephanie@balanced-awakening.com

Dr. Dykema sees clients Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 4043 N Ravenswood, Suite 302, Chicago, IL 60613