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I enjoy working with adult women who experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. I have experience working with women who wish to discuss grief and loss, exploring difficult relationships, processing trauma, and helping those develop a sense of identity and self-esteem. Often times we find ourselves feeling out of control or unable to manage life’s challenging and unexpected roadblocks. I believe that the path towards health and wellness is a lifelong journey, that takes place each day, one step at a time. Therapy is a courageous first step in the process of healing, and it is my privilege to walk alongside you in your therapeutic journey towards growth and transformation. I use a collaborative and humanistic approach to psychotherapy. Together, we will reflect on your personal history and deepen your understanding of your emotions, relationships, and what motivates you. We will also identify ways to navigate and embrace life’s detours. We will work creatively to best meet your needs in order to develop a stronger sense of self and establish greater meaning in your life. I integrate many evidenced-based therapeutic techniques such as ACT, DBT, and mindfulness approaches to help you take back control of your life in order to reach your goals and live a purposeful life.


I am extremely passionate about working with adolescent girls and I understand that the idea of going to see a total stranger isn’t ideal for some and that often times teens feel forced to come by their parents. Whatever the case may be, it is obvious that teenagers today are inundated with many academic, familial, peer, and societal pressures that can leave teens feeling incredibly overwhelmed. What I can offer is a safe place during your week or month to talk about these things. I have a breadth and depth of experience working with adolescents that struggle with depression, anxiety, sexual identity issues, low self-esteem, school anxiety and perfectionistic tendencies, difficulty managing relationships, and teens that have experienced trauma. I aim to help teens figure out how to cope with these challenges and better understand themselves along the way.


Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist, 2019, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

M.A., Clinical Psychology, 2015, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

B.A., Psychology, Indiana University


I am a Postdoctoral Resident at Balanced Awakening. I have several years of clinical experience, yet need one more year of supervised practice before I am eligible for licensure. I am supervised by Dr. Lorenz, Dr. Sido, and Dr. Brennan outside of appointment times.



Seeing clients Saturday at 5215 N. Ravenswood, Suite 208, Chicago IL 60640

Seeing clients Tuesday, Thursday at 4043 N. Ravenswood, Suite 302, Chicago IL 60613

Seeing clients Wednesday at 25 E Washington, Suite 108, Chicago, IL 60602

Direct phone number: 630-708-0869

Email: heather@balanced-awakening.com

To schedule, email/call Dr. Kallman or schedule using Dr. Sido's ZocDoc profile (button to the right) where Dr. Kallman’s Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday availability will show.