Healthy Boundaries

Love yourself first, then you can love others better. Loving-kindness meditation.

We often find it difficult to love ourselves first. Why is that? Perhaps we got the message from a young age that putting our needs first, or even loving ourselves, was selfish. And selfish is bad, so be sure to always consider others first. How has that internalized message been working of you? It's silly to fight with old standing beliefs we have about ourselves that no longer serve us. Instead, it's more helpful to acknowledge what is true and stick to it, even when it means redirecting yourself over and over again. 

Boundaries. Why are they so important? And how can I protect my boundaries?

I decided to take a week off from blogging last week. I share this explicitly, as I believe it represents setting a healthy personal boundary (I needed some time off from work and to enjoy the holiday!). Boundaries can apply to so many important parts of life and are particularly relevant around the holiday season, when culture/family/society have many explicit and implicit expectations of how and what we should be doing with our time. Holidays are not only a time of joy and magic (although that's there and can be nice!) - there's often stress that comes with all of the expectations.