What we can help you with:



  • Healing from trauma and childhood abuse.

  • Overcoming addictions and choosing healthier coping skills.

  • Managing chronic pain, health concerns, and medical conditions.

  • Managing your weight as a lifestyle change, not a diet.

  • Coping with Stress from fertility and Reproductive health concerns.

  • Finding your way out of the fog of depression or grief.

  • Identifying and living a more personally meaningful life.

  • Developing and strengthening meaningful relationships. 

  • Balancing personal, familial, and professional demands.


We are psychologists who are here to empower you to live the best life possible! This psychotherapy practice is exclusively for the unique needs of women across the lifespan and is run by Dr. Hannah Sido. Individual, group, and online psychotherapy are available to women in the Chicago area. For more about how we work, visit about Dr. Sido, Dr. Lorenz, Dr. Dykema, Dr. Ridder, Dr. Kallman, Dr. Madrake, and Dr. Vanhusen.


Individual Therapy

We offer individual psychotherapy, usually in 60 minute sessions. However, some women come to therapy looking for assistance with a particular goal, such as developing a healthier relationship with food, or putting together a plan to manage anxiety in which case shorter sessions may be appropriate. Clients may prefer meeting once or twice per week for a period of time to feel more stable and get more assistance applying new skills to their lives outside of therapy. Feel free to reach out and discuss your preferences with us. We can help you figure out which services may best suit your needs and goals. 

Online therapy

Telemental health or "online therapy" is available to women living in Illinois. Psychotherapy and health behavior change counseling is conducted through VSee (similar to Skype). Telehealth therapy and counseling has been researched and shown to help people experiencing a broad range of psychological concerns. There are benefits for both the provider and the client, as services are delivered more flexibly, are easier to access, and travel costs are minimized. People who may particularly benefit from this modality include individuals who find the use of technology in therapy appealing, individuals who would like flexible, brief counseling to make health behavior changes (quitting smoking, managing weight), and individuals who prefer not to travel for these services.

Couples Therapy

Are you experiencing arguments, distrust, criticism, infidelity, feeling isolated or alone, or a lack of sexual intimacy with your partner or significant other? We are here to help you and your partner address these issues and build a stronger relationship.  Depending upon the needs of you and your partner, we will focus on values, communication, emotional intimacy, and increasing fun in relationships utilizing the Gottman Approach, PREP Communication Skills, and Emotion Focused Therapy. In addition to working with women individually, we specialize in working with women and their partners for premarital counseling and couples therapy focused on strengthening their relationship.